The Makers

We are calling for all The Makers out there – whether you make art, food, gardens or craft – to be a part of our special edition that is due for release on 1 December 2019.

Frida the Fortune Teller   2017  Ceramic on board  61 cm x 61 cm  Susan Elliott

Frida the Fortune Teller


Ceramic on board

61 cm x 61 cm

Susan Elliott

Are you an innovator, a creator, a maker? Then this is the Junkies edition for you. Do you want your work showcased in print that is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand and also gaining worldwide exposure via our digital platforms on Zinio and Flipster? Then keep reading.

The Makers edition will be a coffee table version of Junkies with high-quality design elements to showcase your work. It will be cherished by readers and passed on to family and friends, acquired by libraries as a resource and sort out in galleries throughout the country. 

We want to make this edition a dedicated space for our creative tribe: the artisans and the crafters who are taking on industry and forging a revolution that is changing the way people consume. Quality, handcrafted and one of a kind are the key words of the future. This is the greatest explosion of innovation and creativity and it’s happening now.

Submissions will be excepted from any arena of makers from food, homes, gardens, experiences, travel, health, music, art, design, fashion and craft. Whether you work alone or belong to a group of makers or work from a studio with other creatives we want to hear from you. 

Are you part of this revolution? Are you generating new frontiers? Then join us and let your work speak volumes as we present this outstanding edition.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity and the cost to be included, please complete the form below and we will send you further details.

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 *Makers must be approved and be able to fit the criteria.