Junkies Issue 17

Junkies Issue 17

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What is in Junkies Issue 17?

We’ve teamed up with our eco-friends and have great giveaways for you to win

Damon Bereziat explains the surfboard re-evolution

Social enterprise fashion label: Magpie Goose

Britta Sorensen’s shares her interactive installations

Encaustic painting by Michelangelo Russo: Cartoni Containers Contained

Pamela Irving tells us You Only Live Once

All that Returns – the art of Louiseann King

Liz Gannon’s flamboyant upholstery tells its own story

Delicious recipes from Rebecca Sullivan & Damien Coulthard 

Suffrage and Stitches – a love of history and a fascination for the past

How to be a part-time eco warrior without breaking out into a sweat...

and so much more...

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