In the last couple of years, we have seen the decline of the use of watches now that smartphones are becoming more and more versatile and preferred by the general population. 
But watches are suddenly making a comeback thanks to the fashion industry drawing more attention to just how stylish they can be. And that is certainly the case with Mister Wolf.

Now, I’ll admit I’m no expert on watches, but I know my fare share about the fashion industry and people who do wear watches.

When I asked Leighton about his thoughts on why people still wear watches he said “It’s an escape from your phone, I can’t handle being attached to technology.” adding “People are drawn to the romanticism of a traditional time-piece.”

I admit that I myself am guilty of relying on my phone a lot, especially working for Junkies, so I did an experiment, I bought myself a watch and wore it for an entire week. I was surprised, not only was I finding it more convenient, but I was also having so much fun styling my outfits around it.

Speaking to people I know who are devoted watch-wearers, I discovered a few reasons for people preferring to wear watches that I hadn’t even thought of before. Trudy from Playing in the Attic, for example, said she liked wearing watches because she always had since she was a kid, and also because she hates being late (don’t we all). The owner of Ballarista, Ballarat’s favourite café, told me it helps him keep track of time much easier than a phone but that he has to take it off when doing dishes; this is where Mister Wolf comes in.

Designed by designer Tom Fereday and owned and assembled by watchmaker Leighton Clarke, Mister Wolf Watches are 5ATM water resistant, made with sapphire crystal and stainless-steel cases and I was thrilled to see that they are made to be unisex, and they truly are, each watch can look flawless on a female or male frame.

Minimalistic and elegant, Mister Wolf watches can be paired with a casual outfit or your best business suit effortlessly. They truly are versatile. And not only that, you can customize your very own watch on their website to create your own unique colour scheme for any outfit, whether it be casual or formal. I’ll be honest and say I got a bit giddy when I discovered this and fiddled around (maybe a little longer than I intended) thinking of all the outfits I could customize each watch for.


Watchmaking was Leighton’s first full-time occupation having completed a 4-year watchmaking apprenticeship before working as a watchmaker for 5 years. He then pursued a profession within the design industry and has now worked within the team at Space Furniture for the past 17 years, saying that working in interiors and design has helped train his eye for timeless design.

His mission for an elegant watch that is affordable and stands the test of time is growing every day and he offers free lifetime repairs for all Mister Wolf watches in confidence that his watches are durable.

“What do you love most about watchmaking?” I asked him over the phone, having ducked into the quiet kitchen of the venue I was at to conduct the interview. “It’s therapeutic.” he replied. “It’s almost like meditation, it’s very relaxing.”

There’s a real difference between buying other watches that are mass-produced in factories and Mister Wolf watches that are assembled by hand and you can feel the care behind, it makes them ten times more special and you feel special wearing them.

Leighton also told me that he intends to contact Dan from Watch Parts Motorcycles to see if he’d be interested in the watch parts that don’t get used at Mister Wolf. Junkies looks forward to hearing how it goes!

In short, Mister Wolf watches are the perfect timepiece for the everyman/woman whether you wear a suit, jeans, or a dress and are sure to add a dash of style to your everyday life.

Article by Bella L Day Junkies Magazine

Selena Buckingham