The amazing Body Art festival held in Cooroy, QLD, will be running on Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of April. It’s theme, “Other Worlds”, will make this a spectacular event for all ages. 

There will be face and full-body painting, including traditional aboriginal body art and ochre painting, as well as fantastic workshops by “Reverse Garbage” on creating art from recycled materials.


The event manager, Danielle Taylor, says, “The Wearable Art competition really is a great opportunity for designers of all ages and experience to express their creativity, it’s a great chance to be really outlandish and use weird and wonderful up-cycled materials. We have everyone from primary school students to grandparents enter this competition and they are all amazing!” 

“All outfits must be made from recyclable or second-hand materials, ranging from recycled clothes/fabric to kitchen utensils to recycled paper, and so on.“

"Judges look for creative edge and originality of material, so designers are encouraged to think outside the square when brainstorming their wearable art designs.”  

The designs don’t have to be practical, but they have to be able to be worn on the catwalk.


With plenty of events for the whole family it will most certainly be “an event like nothing ever seen before, as human canvases take shape during the competitions. It’s unique, it happens once a year and it is right here! So don’t miss it because this is going to be the biggest and best event ever!” 

Junkies is certainly looking forward to it and are proud to be a sponsor of this fantastic event. 

Visit their website for more details and the full program of the event.

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