Hause of Glassborow is aN eco fashion label by designer Johanna Glassborow. The label is created from her passion for fashion, textiles and strong belief in Eco design. 


The inspiration behind the design stems from the 1920 - 40s and 1960 - 70s fashion, style, textiles and design with the idea of creating fashion as art. 

In late 2015 Johanna decided it was time to create something different and focused more on eco fashion. Hause of Glassborow's concept of being eco-friendly is something that has been in place from the very beginning. The label only ever uses recycled vintage fabrics.



"I never go out looking for a piece of fabric to suit a design. I buy a piece of fabric with 10 designs in mind.

The aspect I enjoy most about using vintage fabrics is the story behind each unique piece."


The collections are all hand made from vintage fabrics, crochet or lace. Working with vintage fabrics keeps everything unique and special to the client. 

When designing each season or when in need of new ideas, Joanna begins in a library. She researches vintage fashion or textile books and looks at different cultures for alternative inspiration and methods into consideration of her artistic process.


Hause of Glassborow will continue to grow and develop creatively. Johanna's concentration on developing and creating beautiful pieces for people to wear while expanding the awareness of slow/eco fashion will remain at the forefront of the label.

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