Debra Jordan and Brooke Smith are a mother and daughter team. In 2013 they combined all their creative energy into the art of paper folding and “paper to you” was born.


Debra, a nurse for 26 years, saw a gap in the market for flowers that did not die or wilt when given to patients in hospital. In order to minimise cost they chose repurposed paper as their medium.

Paper is robust, flexible, durable and comes in gorgeous colour combinations. Paper can be sourced easily and at very little cost. It is also recyclable and environmentally friendly. It comes in various sizes and thickness, textured or smooth, natural or dyed.

In 2014 the business expanded to include a Christmas range always with a focus on sustainable practice. Debra and Brooke love to source paper from old books, children’s story books, maps, music manuscripts, magazines, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, advertising brochures and wrapping paper.


Debra Jordan

"The challenge is to be creative and reinvent paper that would otherwise find itself in the recycle bin."


Treasured memories such as house plans and gifted books have been transformed into floral keepsakes. Everything from their price tags, business cards and advertising material is crafted from scrap paper.

Paper to You has collaborated with Junkies to develop a line of Paper Posies made from archived Junkies magazine's. The line is featured in our online shop.

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