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The first of 3 DIY Beauty Hacks from Jill at Sutton + Grove who has recently teamed up with Junkies.

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  • 1 unflavored gelatin packet

  • 4 Active Charcoal capsules

  • 2 Tbps hot water

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  1. Heat water until boiling

  2. In a separate bowl, mix gelatin and charcoal together

  3. Slowly pour gelatin and charcoal mixture into water while stirring constantly

  4. Stir for 2-3 minutes until completely dissolved with no chunks

  5. Apply mask to face once cooled (don’t wait too long as you need to apply it before it starts to get thick). Note: This peel will pull out any hairs as well as cleanse pores, so be careful where you apply it

  6. Once applied, wait until mask is completely dry (around 45 min)

  7. Pull of in sections and wash off any excess

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