URBAN PLIGHT  - Photography by Louisa West

URBAN PLIGHT - Photography by Louisa West

Geo Botanicals is a collection of acrylic on canvas artworks by Louisa West. They challenge the aesthetics of space and the context of traditional still life painting. The inspiration for Geo Botanicals comes from Louisa's interest in Australian flora, history and culture. 

GOLDEN SOIL - Louisa West

GOLDEN SOIL - Louisa West

Louisa's background is in fine arts, photography and art history. Her artistic process involves intensive observational studies and drawing from life/still life. The Geo Botanicals exhibition displays intricacies of Australian native flora which are stripped back to a minimal representation, allowing colour and shape to imbue an evocative spatial hierarchy.  

Louisa West 



"The juxtaposition of natural versus unnatural allows the viewer to question the very structure of a man made garden."

Each botanical study has been drawn from life, to create authentic connections with the natural environment.  They align with abstract geometric compositions to create a symbolic context that forms subtle connections to Australian landscapes, culture and urban life.  

HEAT  - Louisa West

HEAT - Louisa West

Geo Botanicals consists of Abstract Expressionist techniques which Louisa has explored and utilised to represent various facets of the contemporary cultivation of urban living. The exhibition commences on August 18th at 6pm at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy.  It runs until August 30th.

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