Today is International Women’s Day and we are celebrating the Bold and the Beautiful with Thunderpants.

Undies. A clothing item that is not normally the hottest topic for your everyday conversation. A New Zealand business, however, have done just that and made undies the most thrilling thing since reusable shopping bags.

Thunderpants are the bold and beautiful underwear brand making a difference. Their patterns will make you smile till your cheeks hurt, their patchwork pants will bring out everyone’s quirky side, and their bold colours will make you rethink the whole concept of underwear.

"More than just underpants, Thunderpants are a way of life and, yes, it may seem a bit daft and cliched - it is only clothing after all - but for us, Thunderpants embodies the Kiwi dream and embraces the more important things in life like slowing down and enjoying the fruits of our labour."

It is their fun-loving attitude that not only catches our attention but shows that they believe life should not always be taken too seriously. We often get so caught up with work and trying to save the world, that we forget to enjoy it. They are one of the most down-to-earth brands we have ever met and we cannot get enough!

Of course, their passions go further than just funky patterns and quirky colours. Thunderpants’ aim is to produce clothing that produced in a sustainable, ethical, local and safe way. We love how every aspect of their production, from how their fabric is made and their clothes are sewn is traceable, tested and controlled for quality.

That’s right, their undies are designed to last so we don’t have to buy new ones every year.

The family owned business are passionate about their community and continue to support and donate many causes and charities that mean a lot to them. This is an everyday reminder how important it is for us to band together, do our research, and support the businesses that are doing good in the world!