What do you see when you look at these photos?

Photos are not just something beautiful to look at, they are a way of sparking thoughts and raising questions. What does it really mean to take a step back and look at the world around us? Photos capture our core values, deep passions, raw ideas, and great dreams.

When you sit down with the latest copy of Junkies and flick over to the first page, you will see these stunning photographs by Pauline Langmead that speak more than a thousand words.

These images encourage us rethink what 'junk' really means. Just because something is rusty and old, does not mean it is rubbish. If we rethink our surroundings, we can always find something beautiful.

These photos remind us to reuse and recycle what we already have. When something is broken we can fix it and when something has become worn out we can breath new life into it and make it new again.

These images show us that there is always beauty in the world, we might just have to look for it.

Thank you, Pauline, for capturing our passion in these stunning photographs so we can share them with our readers.


Check out Pauline's work in the latest issue of Junkies or head to her website for more: