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It was a mother’s love and determination that helped create a natural, versatile, and safe healing remedy. In Issue 8 of Junkies Debbie shares her story of how she took matters into her own hands to heal her baby boy’s eczema after over the counter creams were only causing more harm. 25 years later and after many incredible results, Debbie now runs a small business where she can share her love for aromatherapy and healing.


My journey started with aromatherapy when I was eight and a half months pregnant with my second child. I had just come home from a doctor’s appointment after being told that I had a bad chest infection and that because I was pregnant, there was nothing that the Doctor could give me. 

Straight afterwards, I visited a friend who was burning essential oils and the whole house smelt amazing. She then lent me an aromatherapy book that she had found very useful over the years. The book not only had a lot of information about essential oils, but all of the different ways that you could use them. I learnt that essential oils work on the body, mind and emotional state. I quickly went to the aromatherapy shop and purchased clary sage, eucalypts and lavender oil and rubbed them on my chest and throat frequently for the next two days. To my complete amazement, I was able to give birth in a perfectly healthy condition.

Junkies Aromatherapy

Two and half months later my baby boy had the worst nappy rash I had ever seen, it looked like severe eczema. It got so bad and spread over his stomach and leg area, so I tried different remedies from the health shop and various medicated creams from the doctor. Absolutely everything I tried flared up his rash and made it so much worse. I wanted to avoid using medicated eczema cream because it really thinned the skin and my two and half month old boy did not deserve that start in life. After I had tried what felt like everything, I was feeling completely helpless.

One night I started reading though this aromatherapy book and found that there was many different essential oils I could use on his rash. Halfway through the book I found oils that were good for weeping skin, so I made a list of about 20-25 oils that I could use. I also read that sweet almond oil was the closest one to the body’s natural oil and so I purchased this to use as my carrier oil. I wanted to be sure the remedy was gentle for my baby’s skin. Once I made the remedy, I applied it all over his rash and put him into bed. The next morning to my amazement the rash had improved by 75%. It was no longer weeping, the nasty redness has started to go, his skin colour has started to return, and was no longer peeling. Another miracle cure! I was then hooked on aromatherapy. Later on I started putting the recipe into a cream base and this was much easier to apply.

When my boy started teething and was in great pain, I would put a drop of lavender oil on a cotton bud to clean out his ears and instantly you could see him start to relax. With this simple fix, we never had to deal with ear infections. 25 years on and we have used this skin repair remedy cream on anything and everything. It has helped with growing pains as the kids were got older, dry skin, sunburn, relief from itchy and swollen mozzie bites, and it always leaves our skin feeling soft and healed.

As a busy mother, I would constantly burn myself in the kitchen. I found that if I applied the cream on my burn three times before bed, the pain would completely be gone the next day, a couple of days later the dead skin would come off and even after continued use, my scars would fade. It still amazes me to this day!

Since using the magic remedy for my family, my friends started using it for their children too. This is when I decided to start making large batches and I sold it at markets all over Victoria for ten years. I had so many people coming back to me to share their amazing results. I have now created a remedy for all of your everyday common ailments and I absolutely love it. I don’t just use aromatherapy, I live it.

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