Junkies caught up with luxury, slow fashion designer Alice about her ethical label KRAIT London. 


KRAIT London is a luxury, slow fashion brand that was established in June 2017, with a focus on sustainable fashion and female empowerment. The London based label delivers avant-garde designs to the market, using luxury surplus and vintage fabrics from across the world. 


The brand works alongside its partner companies across India, helping to support local communities by offering skills development, education and healthcare to women and children. With a transparent supply chain and traceable clothing they bring you fashion with emotional significance and an honest story behind it. The brand creates awareness within the garment industry by bringing to light and celebrating the individual behind each piece of every collection.


It is KRAIT’s belief that the fashion industry can flourish without compromising the health and welfare of either the artisans or the planet. The label did not start as an ethical fashion brand, but after seeing the working conditions in factories across India and horrified at the cheap labour prices, Alice van Grutten decided that this way of manufacturing would not be endorsed by KRAIT London.

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