Photography by Pauline Langmead 

Photography by Pauline Langmead 

"We all need to touch and see crafted works of art in our lives, work that reflects our uniqueness, stirs our curiosity and grasps the soul. It releases us from the monotony of sameness and mass production, and brings us closer to the simple beauty of things, like nature itself."  

Just like writers, who periodically suffer “writer’s block”, and seem unable to mine the creative seam that previously inspired their writing, many artists hit a similar wall in their artistic journey. In some instances, artists never manage to restore their artistic impetus. But in other cases, this “creative crisis” can be the catalyst for a new and dynamic change in their focus and direction. There is nothing more inspiring than hearing the story behind someone's creative flair and artwork. In Issue 7 of Junkies we got the opportunity to speak to Kathleen Grace about the alchemy of inspiration and the ethics that underpin her art.

Junkies Issue 7

Kathleen's talents go beyond making beautiful things, she lives in the creative moment all while thinking about the sustainable future. In Junkies Issue 7 Kathleen delves into the reasons why she creates and how she continues to think about where her work will end up in a few years time. 

"I keep it all very simple. So before firing anything, if I don’t like what has emerged, or if the pot has been damaged in some way, I just throw it in the clay recycle bin to soak and re-use, which provides a big tick on my internal ethical minimum waste list."

"I’m not working towards a mass, clone-like production. I’m just focused on selling bespoke tableware, taking orders from friends and family, with the freedom to be original and creative. The uneven quirks in the works provide a point of difference"

Photography by Pauline Langmead

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Read the full story on Kathleen Grace and her incredible work in Junkies Issue 7 which is available online and now in store.