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It's not very often that you find a truly creative and on trend fashion brand that is not only sustainable but also extremely artistic. Recently Junkies Magazine caught up with Chiara a Melbourne based artisan who makes beautiful earrings and necklaces from recycled coffee pods.

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Chiara Jewellery is the name of this delightful eco-friendly brand. Their jewellery is all about colour, fun and style. Chiara describes her pieces as something eye-catching, colourful and quirky to transform an everyday outfit. She designs and creates original pieces using a variety of materials such as semi-precious gemstones, sequins, leather and recycled materials.

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Chiara Jewellery’s latest line is fashioned out of Nespresso coffee capsules. She transforms left over coffee capsules into wearable works of art that are almost unrecognisable. Her newest range of earrings in particular pay homage to the latest fashion trend of tassels and bright colours.


Chiara's jewellery will be featuring in Junkies Rethink Exhibition on the 17th - 19th November 2017 at Ballarat Trades Hall. To purchase Chiara's designs you can visit her Etsy page. 

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