It all started when...

Junkies Magazine was created as a platform to link like minded people together. People who have an environmentally sustainable living ethos as well as strong creative and design inclinations.

It is for people who are ReThinking our consumer habits and ReDefining what is beautiful.

Junkies Magazine aims to be a place to share ideas, inspire thinking and creativity in sustainable ways with an emphasis on ReUsing and ReCycling.

Junkies Magazine aims to reignite community spirit and support by bringing people together in tangible ways to share their own "Junkie" habits and ideas. Whether you have a love of vintage, eclectic, delicious and thoughtful foodie habits, garage sales, markets, op- shops, freebies, handmade homewares, sustainable and ethical living or up-cycling - we want you to join us and become a “Junkie”.

We are reclaiming the "Junkie" idea and want to see a revolution of the thoughtful, inspiring and gorgeously creative. 


"There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere"
- Annie Leonard